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Assembling Invitations
Invitations are shipped unassembled and unfolded unless otherwise noted. is pleased to offer the option of full-service assembly and mailing of your invitations order. Please Contact Us at any time for a quote.

If you prefer to assemble your invitations at home, instructions for assembling your invitations are included with your order or you may also refer to the following general instructions for assembling invitations for mailing.

Invitation ensembles are assembled in order of size with the largest piece, generally the invitation, being on the bottom. If your invitation is to be folded, fold all pieces before beginning assembling for mailing.

Place the invitation face up in front of you and begin adding accessory cards on top of the invitation in the following order.
The Reception Card is placed face up on top of the invitation.
The Reply Envelope is placed face down, envelope flap up, on top of the Reception Card.
The Reply Card is placed printed side up on top of the Reply Envelope, tucked under the flap but not inserted into the envelope.

Any other accessory cards such as Directions or Map Card, Accommodations Card, Pew Card, etc. are placed printed side up on top of the Reply Card set unless they are greater in size than the Reception and Reply Cards in which case they are placed in order of size.

Enclosure cards should be stacked on top of, not placed inside of, folded invitations with the exception of French-fold invitations.

Once your stack is complete, insert the invitation and enclosures into the inner envelope (or single envelope, if applicable) with the invitation in your right hand so that you can read it and the envelope in your left hand with the opening and flap facing right.

You will know you’ve assembled your invitations correctly up to this point if you can pull the invitation out of the inner envelope with your right hand and read it without turning it around or flipping it over.

Insert the stuffed inner envelope into the outer envelope with the inner envelope flap facing the back of the outer envelope and the face of the inner envelope, addressed with your guests’ names, facing out when the outer envelope flap is lifted.

Inner envelopes will not (unless otherwise specified) have adhesive and may be lined. Outer envelopes are generally not lined and will have adhesive on the flap. Envelope seals may be ordered to add a decorative touch to the closure of the outer envelope.
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