Wedding Invitations
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Foreign Language
The printers who supply the invitations and personalized stationery we sell are able to accommodate a variety of non-English languages. In some cases, additional charges for typesetting non-English wording will apply. Please proof-read your wording carefully prior to submitting your order as proof-reading and etiquette review are not available on non-English wording (with the exception of Spanish language in some cases). Proofs of all personalized items with non-English language, including Hebrew, will be required.

Please indicate all accent marks with your wording. Accents may be input into the Invitation Wizard utilizing keystroke combinations defined by your operating system. For Windows users, locate the character map in the Accessories menu under System Tools.

All non-English language orders must be typed. If you prefer to order on paper, please request a copy of our Printable Order Form from your customer service representative.

If your wording requires use of a non-English alphabet, you may provide typeset camera-ready artwork to be professionally-reproduced on your invitations. Please contact us for details and pricing.
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